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Australia Pub Accommodation is a group created for members who can come together to discover pubs in Australia! From comfortable to affordable - we would love to hear! If you have local knowledge expertise such as historial areas, cultural heritage or magnificent locations around Australia – share them in the forum.


We invite all members to suggest events, contribute photos, share their experiences and connect as a community.


Join us as we explore Australia’s most loved pub accommodation...


Clyde Mooney - Clyde Mooney is editor of the trade magazine for pub-style hotels, Australian Hotelier, as well as contributing editor to TheShout online news bulletin ( Together these publications represent the pub and liquor industries in Australia, keeping abreast of products, trends and news in the vibrant field of hospitality.

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Clyde Mooney
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Australian Pub Accommodation

In every suburb of every town, on every stretch of pristine coastline, and in the soul of every Australian, there exists an Aussie Pub.


The defining requirement for a rural settlement and the home-away-from-home for every city-dweller, the great Australian hotel is the backbone of the local community.


Fulfilling the needs of residents and visitors everywhere, Aussie pubs offer affordable meals, entertainment and accommodation, and a quality beer or beverage over a relaxed conversation.

Spanning the spectrum from cheap and cheerful to contemporary chic, pub-style hotels present an enormous range of offerings for the experiential patron.