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If flying is your passion or something you would like to try on your trip around Australia you will find just what you are looking for in the Australian Aviation Group on Triptide. If you have never been airborne in anything but an airliner you are in for a real treat in Australia! You could take one of the many excellent scenic flights to see the vast open spaces and cities alike. Or you might want to get really involved and take a lesson in any one of dozens of flying diciplines.


My name is Andy Jowett and I am originally from the UK where I started my hobby of flying. For the last 20 years I have lived in flying heaven - Australia. Here in Australia we really are blessed with some of the best flying weather available anywhere in the world and here flying is also a necessity not just a luxury. I've flown for sport and also professionally in the UK, USA, SA, Scandinavia and Australia and, as a complete flying addict, I've definitely found the right place to live.

Group Leader

Andy Jowett
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Australian aviation groupThe Australian Aviation Group is a place to discover the aviation activities which you might want to to take up on your arrival in Australia. You will find that flying is much cheaper than in Europe - probably because of the distances we have - we use small aircraft as frequently as other countries use hire cars. 

Experiences range from 10minute rides to week long courses.

  • You will find recommendations on the best things to do and get leads on great deals.
  • You will find places to stay where you will be able to sample the best that flying has to offer.
  • You could learn to glide at one of the best gliding clubs in Australia with cheap accommodation too. Try the gliding lifestyle - clubs near cities and clubs in the bush with tranquil settings abound with Kangaroos and other wildlife.
  • Take a spectacular helicopter trip around our beautiful cities. We know all the operators and can guide you to the best deals.
  • Fly aerobatics with top gun aces and actually have a go at performing your own loops and rolls.
  • Australian aviation groupTry to hover a helicopter.
  • Run off a mountain together with an experienced para-gliding instructor.
  • Plummet from 14000 feet to a beach landing strapped to a qualified sky-diver.

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