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  • Getting Around Australia on a Budget

     Getting a second hand car is often the cheapest option to travel around Australia, it may sound costly but for people who want to spend several months travelling around the country buying a car and selling it before they leave, it&rsquo...
  • 5 top beaches in Australia:

    It's very difficult to list the top 5 beaches in Australia, probably even 500 wouldn't be enough. Here are just a few from my own experience..
    Bells BeachIf you are one of those with a soft spot for surfing, your Oz experience would be incomplete with...
  • Australia on a Budget

    Ways to save money and stay on a budget whilst travelling Australia
  • Mobile Phones in Australia part 3

    After Mobile Phones in Australia part 1 and part 2, this article aims to show, besides mobile phones, other convenient ways for people to communicate in Australia. 
    Calling cards
    Despite the popularity of mobile phones, calling cards are still...
  • Mobile Phones in Australia part 2

    Mobile Phones in Australia. This article gives an overview of the main mobile phone networks operating in Australia as well as the virtual mobile phone network you may alternatively use.
    Prices and mobile phone deals change all the time theref...
  • Mobile Phones in Australia part. 1

    Mobile Phones in Australia. This article gives suggestions on the best way to use your mobile phone in Australia. From the main mobile networks to the danger of roaming and much more.
    Mobile phones
    If your mobile phone is unlocked and works with th...
  • 39 things to do in Melbourne

    1. Hot Air Balloon Ride over Melbourne
    2. Take a Yarra River Cruise...  more
  • 10 tips on how to get a job in Australia

    Do you ever dream of working overseas, but think it would be impossible to find a job in Australia? Well, you are mistaken! It’s not exactly simple to find work abroad, but there is a wealth of information on the Internet to help you in your sear...