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  • Things to do for Halloween in Australia

    Ideas for an Australian Halloween
    Limited dates to explore the dark and mysterious Newport Substation in Melbourne by lamplight. Join as we reveal strange curses, mysterious happenings and restless spirits whose stories have remained un...
  • 11 Great idea's for Mother's Day

    Forget the flowers, jewellery and typical Mother’s Day gifts this year and make some lifelong family memories with a day out instead. Show mum you learn from the best when it comes to planning ahead with a pre-booked experience that will make it her best ...  more
  • How to use the TripTide community

    Community member – Guide to getting started
    Welcome to TripTide Australia!
    Whether you are a local resident looking to learn more about Australia or researching your first ever trip, our community has a wealth of knowledge and inspirati...
  • 14 Father’s Day Ideas in Australia

    Father’s Day in Australia falls on Sunday September 1st this year but don’t worry if you haven’t thought of the perfect gift just yet.  We’ve put our heads together to compile 14 great Father’s Day ideas that will kee...
  • Isles of Australia

    Myself and the TTHQ team are big fans of island life. The sense of escapism, exploration and community spirit all add to the customary jaw dropping views that make for a lasting impression.So researching and swooning over Australia's many neigbouring i...
  • My Melbourne Festival Highlights!

    My must see attractions at this years Melbourne Festival!
  • This weekend in Melbourne

    Here are my top 3 things to be done in Melbourne this weekend!Let me know if you are planning on doing any of the following or if you have been previously, would love to hear your thoughts! 
    1.  If you are looking for a cultural spin on your...