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  • What's going on this weekend in Melbourne

    Sports fans listen up as J Forsyth from the Melbourne Arts Club gives us an AFL rundown for this weekend and the best pubs to watch from.Football hysteria has arrived and the atmosphere reeks of life or death compe...
  • Australian Tropical Fruits

    Much as the warmth, near constant sunshine and cooling breezes of tropical lattitudes are highly attractive, the abundance of weird, wonderful and delicious fruits are for me a star attraction at such latitudes. The discovery of unique and mouth wateri...
  • Byron Bay 14,000 ft and 120 mph : Skydiving in Australia

    Want to blow away the cobwebs? Reawaken the spirits? Set the heart racing, get the adrenaline pumping? Jumping out of a perfectly good aeroplane could be just the interlude you are looking for in your Australian adventure.
    Skydive Australia offer 4 se...
  • Walking South Australia - The Heysen Trail

    1,200 km's or just a day walk, The Heysen Trail, perhaps one of the most diverse of the great Australian walks provides options for both the adventurous and less adventurous walker. Breathtaking landscape, coastal areas, gorges, farmland and bush whate...
  • Australia Visa for British Citizen

    Short advice on Australia Visa's for British Citizens, including a link to the Australian Immigration Service's application form.
  • Choosing Among Hotels for Your Destination Wedding in Australia

    There are many options to choose from when all you need is to find a location that will be perfect for your ceremony site that is accessible. You probably would like to find a location where it will serve as the most perfect wedding venue that matches ...
  • Aeroplane Boarding: There must be a better way

    Those boarding a flight to Australia often face a long trip, perhaps the longest flight that the individual has ever undertaken. Whilst its certainly a long way, sometimes one of the more stressful activities is the plane on-boarding process as passeng...