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  • Things to do for Halloween in Australia

    Ideas for an Australian Halloween
    Limited dates to explore the dark and mysterious Newport Substation in Melbourne by lamplight. Join as we reveal strange curses, mysterious happenings and restless spirits whose stories have remained un...
  • Coffee Culture Trek: Melbourne’s Best Cafes

    The Coffee Culture Trek tour is ideal for anyone looking to discover the best espresso haunts in Melbourne’s inner city village. While the Coffee Culture Trek operates on a regular basis, the proceeds raised from last Friday’s adventure, we...
  • 6 popular self-guided tours

    Kayaking is great fun for both children and adults! With this Kayak hire you have the option of a single or a double kayak, and you have the choice to hire a snorkel and mask if you’re planning on seeing what underwater life there is too!
  • 11 Great idea's for Mother's Day

    Forget the flowers, jewellery and typical Mother’s Day gifts this year and make some lifelong family memories with a day out instead. Show mum you learn from the best when it comes to planning ahead with a pre-booked experience that will make it her best ...  more
  • 15 Great Reasons to Visit Australia!

    15 Great Reasons to Move to Australia – An infographic by the team at True Blue Migration
  • Become a TripTide Blogger

    Do you love to blog about your knowledge as a local in Australia? Or have you been travelling to Australia and would like to share your amazing experiences with other members of the community? Blogging in our community is a great way to get you...
  • 20 Awesome Australia facts

    Kangaroos can’t walk backwards.They might be missing out on the moonwalk but they do have a pretty impressive hop! Learn more about the mechanics behind the famous hop
    The Great Barrier Reef can be seen from space making it the world's largest...
  • Local Expert Interview - Kenneth Hall, New South Wales

    Tell us about your area of expertise
    My area of expertise falls into the two categories of bushwalking and photography and I have been involved with both for a long time.
    I was born in Yorkshire where I spent much of my time as a child out in the pad...
  • Trade - How to use the TripTide community

    Trade member – Guide to getting started
    Welcome to TripTide Australia!
    As a valued Trade Member of TripTide Australia you have the opportunity to speak directly with new and existing customers plus share and promote an abundance of your...
  • How to use the TripTide community

    Community member – Guide to getting started
    Welcome to TripTide Australia!
    Whether you are a local resident looking to learn more about Australia or researching your first ever trip, our community has a wealth of knowledge and inspirati...