The Other East Coast


Every backpacker knows about the notorious East Coast!

Starting at Sydney and snaking it’s way up to Cairns, travellers usually chase the sun and hit up major lively spots such as Byron Bay, Brisbane, The Whitsundays and many other party places along the way.

However, there’s another East Coast I want to tell you about, one that gets forgotten about.

Instead of heading north, why not try heading south?

I was curious to find out exactly where the trail would take me from Sydney to Melbourne, and what interesting towns and spots I’d find on the journey down.

This is how I stumbled across the Sapphire Coast – quite fitting, as it really is very special and beautiful.

This coastline has exquisite scenery, looming mountains and winding country lanes.

There’s the quaint village of Bermagui, with its brightly painted shop, Eden for it's fishing boats and fish and chip as well as its beautiful beaches and calm sea. There’s also the secluded beach at Tathra and the cheese factory in Bega.

The thing that struck me about the Sapphire Coast, was how close knit the community is down there. I even helped out on some farms, staying for free in exchange for helping out.

I collected eggs, picked weeds and was even taught horse psychology!

There were many “working bees,” which is where all the farmers get together and help each other out on their properties. They use a thing called the Sapphire system, for locals, and it’s like a bartering system, where farmers can ask for labouring help on their farm and pay back the work on somebody else’s farm.

Yes, it isn’t the place for those of you who want to party, but maybe after venturing along the usual East Coast - this other East Coast is a good way to unwind, see something different and try your hand at something else.

Who knows, like me, you might find a few hidden gems and have a precious experience along Sapphire Coast!