7 Spooky Destinations for Halloween in Australia

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  • October 26, 2012 8:48 PM AEDT

The Monte Cristo
The house known as Australia’s most haunted house sits just outside of Wagga Wagga in the small friendly country town of Junee, NSW.
A worthy reputation has been built around the numerous ghostly encounters experienced by hundreds of visitors and guests to the creepy mansion.
The history of a dead widow that only left the house twice in 23 years after the death of her husband, the original land owner, is enough to let you believe a presence still stubbornly remains here.  Not to mention visits from the Australian Ghost Hunters Society investigating the paranormal activity.
See for yourself with overnight ghost tours and in the words of the current residents:
Be prepared to be scared!

The Devil’s Marbles

What’s in a name? The natural wonder that is now known as The Devil’s Marbles could only be considered as unnatural, even super-natural to travellers that had previously only encountered days of flood plain.  Approaching a small hill range in the distance and not knowing what to expect on the other side, the sheer size of the rock formations ahead could have only come from a supernatural feat.
The scientific fact of how the marbles became to be is much less magical, but it is not unknown that the sacred site holds unparalleled importance amongst the aboriginal culture.  To say that all hell broke loose when one of the marbles was moved is probably an accurate opinion of the believers.
The Devil’s Marbles Conservation Reserve is located 110km south of Tennant Creek, Northern Territories of Australia and remains a hugely popular tourist destination to date.

The Devil's Marbles

Pumpkin Island

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a trip to Pumpkin Island will involve the sight of Australia’s largest pumpkin patch, but in reality the name comes from the shape of the island as viewed from Captain James Cook’s boat when discovered in 1770.
Despite the spooky connotations that pumpkins carry every October, this island is described as one of heaven’s most tranquil masterpieces.  Situated within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Reserve, you can only dream of the blissful natural atmosphere.  At least until 2015 as that’s when the next available bookings are free.  As the saying goes, book now to avoid disappointment.


(Not so much spooky but we all love a pumpkin at Halloween right?)

Sydney’s Quarantine Station

The quarantine station was officially established in 1832 and put in place to protect Australia from disease ridden ships travelling in from every corner of the earth.  Australia was safe from the onslaught of contamination but what happened to the unfortunate travellers that were sentenced to an incarcerated life at the station.  The conditions have been described as “truly appalling with a sense of misery, wretchedness and disease present everywhere”.
It is no surprise that the three over grown now demolished cemeteries are considered to remain home to many lost and tortured souls that just can’t find a way out.
The National Parks and Wildlife Service invite tourists to their haunting ghost tours, sharing the history of the station along with recounts of actual ghoulish events.

The Jenolan Caves

Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains of NSW bring in over 250,000 visitors each year, and it’s not just to admire the limestone formation that’s for sure.
With the dark, silent and creepy atmosphere there has been naturally a strong presence of ghost stories over the years, enticing tourists from all over to partake in the intriguing ‘legends, mysteries and ghosts tour’ run by the Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust themselves.
Tales of an over enthusiastic caretaker from 1903 tell us that it is possible to love a place so much that you never, ever, ever leave.
Fear not, your experienced ghost buster tour guide will happily show you the exit to normality at the end of your frightful and mysterious cave tour, right back in to the warmth of the Caves House- which by the way, also has a spooky reputation for you to discover all in good time.


New South Wales strikes again on our list, this time due to the haunting legends of tiny, rural Picton.
What may present itself as a quiet, peaceful and inviting town has given the opposite effect to many people who have reported a whole host of spooky occurrences over the years.
This may even be our scariest yet, considering sightings of ghost children in the graveyard, an unpleasant matron with a dislike for newcomers, sounds of cheer and splashing in an empty water grave, an unplugged jukebox that begins to play, not to mention the haunted inn, school and railway tunnel!
Intrigued, slightly scared but with a desire to know more? An overnight excursion to Picton deserves a prime position on your spooky itinerary.

Port Arthur

Hell on earth, Isle of the dead, are you ready for this one…
The most historical convict site of Australia known for its torturous and hellish treatment of inmates sets the scene for a frightful atmosphere even in our current day.
Rich in dark history and suffering, it is little wonder that almost two centuries of reported paranormal sightings have been logged and locked away in the confines of the site.  Whether it’s a scary revenge tactic or simply an inability to leave, many stories continue to be played out in a ghoulish manner for those who dare to enter.
Are you brave enough to take the lantern lit walking ghost tour with exclusive access to the site? Find out why Port Arthur is famously known as one of Australia’s most haunted destinations and book a trip today.



By Ciara Snook