The day that stops a nation

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  • October 20, 2012 5:17 AM AEDT
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Pink! A colour many individuals associate with girl’s stuff, including me.

For one city, or rather a nation, the colour pink in spring means something exciting is coming up. One single day – the day that stops a nation.


Living in Melbourne, you can start feeling the excitement building up over weeks in advance. The city’s colour is pink instead of blue. Flags are waving on landmarks like Federation Square, Bourke Street or Southern Cross Station, yes, even trams are advertising for the event. Melbourne’s lively outdoor charm starts picking up again as the temperature rises throughout October. Family, friends and peers are having their first outdoor barbies and get-togethers. And then, eventually, the day is here. Every year on the first Tuesday of November it is time for the Melbourne Cup Day, the most famous race day of the Melbourne Cup Carnival.


It doesn’t matter if you like horseracing or not. If you happen to be in town on that particular Tuesday of November it is almost a must to experience the Melbourne Cup Day races.

Ladies will shake the dust off their nice dresses and get fancy with this year’s latest hat fashion while it is the unspoken rule for gentlemen to suit up.


The most convenient, hassle free way to get to Flemington racecourses is definitely by train. There are extra services running to and from Flinder’s Street Station. Groups will meet as early as 7-8 am to catch one of the first trains out in order to secure a great spot on the grass. If you travel on a budget bring your own picnic along with you. But beware no glassware and no alcohol is allowed inside. But we all know how to bypass that inconvenience.


A day of fun (and maybe a lot of sun, so bring sunscreen!) is almost guaranteed. Apart from horseracing itself lots of entertainment is offered on site. A special treat for both, men and women, is definitely the L'Oréal marquee. A free goody bag is handed out at the marquee exits.


Let’s not forget about the betting. If you are experienced, great, if not, no big deal. It is easy to pick up and a lot of fun. But please don’t bet all your money, you will need it when the day at the races turns into a great night out in Melbourne’s CBD. Melbourne’s night life, however, is yet another story...

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