Urban Colour: Sydney Street Art

  • Posted by Julian Bradder
  • July 13, 2011 2:20 AM AEST

For some, graffiti is an anathema for others it brightens up urban spaces providing important social commentary, or simply bringing art to people who normally would not get exposure. A lot of it is probably related to the quality, situation and relevance of the graffiti to the urban streets it colours.

Other people see a difference between the notions of graffiti and street art; credibility is loaned to street art whilst graffiti is seen as something more destructive, less valid. Much of this is of course arbitrary, and whether called street art or graffiti, it is here to stay.

Sydney like most international cities hosts it's fair share of street art but the cities Inner West region is the place to go to see the best of it.

Sydney has it's own heritage of internationally renowned street artists and also attracts famous interntational artists, including (it is alleged) Banksy. Gladstone Street, King Street, Bella Street and Bedford Street.

Many of the murals and images you see in Sydney are produced by Unmitigated Audacity Productions, which includes the famous local artists, Mathew Peet, Juilee Pryor and Andrew Aiken.