Vignetting Victoria - A Lomography Exhibition

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  • September 20, 2012 8:28 PM AEST

This Weekend - Check out the Lomography exhibition down at Fed Sq for a different angle on Melbourne and Victoria!

Guest Blogger J Forsyth from the Melbourne Arts Club gives us the heads up..


No Vacancy Project Space
The Atrium, Federation Square


What do hipsters, toy cameras and the No Vacancy Project Space have in common? Vignetting Victoria Lomography Exhibition, that’s what. Opening on Tuesday 11 September to a crowd three or four times the venue’s capacity, we advanced past the barrier and secret service-style security guards, hip and shouldering our way through the enthusiastic crowd to a sea of colour and distortion.


The term Lomography in a combo of the Russian word LOMO and the commercial trademark Lomographische AG. According to, Lomo photographs are characterised by “…oversaturated colors, extreme optical distortions, rainbow-colored subjects, off-kilter exposure, blurring and alternative film processing; all things usually considered bad in photography. In short, Lomography is the act of taking photographs without thinking, and ignoring the established rules of ‘good’ photography”.




This exhibition is no exception. Thirty-five Australian Lomographers showcased Melbourne and Victoria’s urban, suburban and regional beauty through a variety of Lomography film and shooting techniques.


Lomography’s ‘shoot everything’ motto has created a new breed of emerging artists, announcing that film is neither gone nor forgotten. Lomography and the resurgence of film photography allows this new breed to push the boundaries fine art photography traditionalist have erected. Art is about expression and creation and this exhibition shows some everyday landscapes and cityscapes in a magical, surreal way.




Contributing artist Greta Parry explains why she loves Lomography: “Lomo is interesting because in a lot of ways it’s the antithesis of digital photography. Ironically, much digital (iPhone) photography now imitates the aesthetics. But there’s something in the fact that the effects occur in camera, physically burned onto the film.”


Sometimes in art there is too much conceptualisation and not enough substance; however this exhibition represents a good combination of technique, subject matter and creativity. On until 23 September, pop down to Federation Square and check it out for yourself. Do a workshop, buy a Lomo camera or don’t! Want to learn more? Check out the Lomography’s 10 golden rules here.




Words and photos – J Forsyth