What's going on this weekend in Melbourne

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  • September 14, 2012 6:53 PM AEST



Sports fans listen up as J Forsyth from the Melbourne Arts Club gives us an AFL rundown for this weekend and the best pubs to watch from.
Football hysteria has arrived and the atmosphere reeks of life or death competition and rivalry, who will you be supporting??

FIREUP! That’s right I said FIRE UP!

It’s the second week of the footy finals and it’s time to…you guessed it…FIREUP!

Now Melbourne Arts Club is an Arts Blog, we all know that. However currently in Melbourne its footy finals fever – blind freddy knows that.

So how do I link the two together so I can post something …

Well here goes: I love Art and I love Footy. To me footy is Art.

Art is – to leave the pub walking in a straight line after watching a footy match.
Art is – to keep some dignity and not yell the C word in front of children when you feel like the umpire is a thieving lying sea-hunt.
Art is – to cook a Barbie, drink a beer and watch the footy at the same time, while (if your male) scratch your nuts and (if your female) whip up a salad.

So there you have it, ART and AFL, it’s the same thing.



This weekend is the second round of the AFL finals. If you’re not yet an AFL fan and are unsure how this magical game works, here is a brief run-down. At the end of the home and away season the top 8 teams play-off for a chance to get into the Grand Final, otherwise affectionately known as the ‘holy grail’. Yes that’s right; most of us call it the holy grail.

Football is a religion in Melbourne. Get on board!

Right, so this weekend, here’s what’s on.

Friday – Adelaide V Fremantle in Adelaide at AAMI Stadium.

Saturday – Collingwood V West Coast Eagles at the MCG (or Mecca)

The MCG (Mecca) is the home of football and can be seen from many a vantage point in Melbourne, especially on game nights when it lights up like a beacon of blood sweat and tears. Saturday night in Melbourne is sure to be pumping with fans flooding to the ground to be a part of this fine Melbourne tradition and also to see who will progress to the next round and who won’t.

Side note: Collingwood are in the finals. If you want to watch one of their games but you’re too frightened of the Collingwood supporters (most of us are) or just prefer to keep hang around with people who have all their teeth, try watching it at the pub.



Pub Check List:
 Good tape beer.
 Ample standing room, lord knows there won’t be any tables.
 Pub food.
 Big screens (more than one).
 People with teeth.

My pub picks are:
North of the river – The Rose, 406 Napier Street, Fitzroy
South side – The College Lawn, 36 Greville Street, Prahran
And if you’re in the big smoke, also known as the CBD, try the Imperial at the top of Bourke Street. Unfortunately this establishment still uses coloured chalk pens to write up their specials, but no one is perfect.

Now if this doesn’t tickle your fancy – you can probably watch it on TV, but just remember all footy watching at home must be accompanied by a bbq and esky full of beers.

Last but not least, wherever you watch the games, or who you’re with, if you don’t have a team or your teams not in the finals it is imperative that you pick a team at the start of the game and stick to it. No one likes a turn coat or a fence sitter. Also it gives you more reason to yell and scream just like everyone else.




Words and Photos - J Forsyth