Walking South Australia - The Heysen Trail

  • Posted by Julian Bradder
  • July 9, 2011 7:34 AM AEST
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1,200 km's or just a day walk, The Heysen Trail, perhaps one of the most diverse of the great Australian walks provides options for both the adventurous and less adventurous walker. Breathtaking landscape, coastal areas, gorges, farmland and bush whatever there is little that The Heysen Trail doesn't offer.

 The less adventurous and those with children may wish to attempt the southern section with runs from Cape Jervis near Adelaide to Spalding. This trail follows the Mount Lofty ranges. Heading to the Northern parts of the trail is perhaps for the more experienced or at least adventurous. Isolated and rugged, this northern part of The Heysen Trail represents a rewarding challenge.

Along this trail you can expect to go for a week without running into other walkers. You will need to be an experienced navigator and GPS in this day and age is a must.

Owing to this remoteness and for reasons of safety, it is recommended that walkers in the northern parts of the trail travel in groups of four. Personal Locator Beacons are strongly encouraged in the event of something happening.

Water can be challenging and water drops are often needed. Supplies can vary from season to season. Check for rains before you travel.

This is an incredibly rewarding walking territory provided that planning is good and that correct safety measures are taken. The images perhaps tell us much more than words about this amazing southern Australia change.


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    Erika Moyles Sounds a bit adventurous but amazing.. Are there any experience companies covering this?
    July 16, 2011