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Golf in Orange - Duntryleague

  • Posted by Patrick Bollen
  • November 13, 2011 6:47 PM AEDT

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Golf  in Orange.

Considered to be one  of the best country courses in Australia the Orange Golf Course is truly a golfers dream.With its South African grass, or winter grass fairways that are like carpet and its slick greens it’s no wonder people come back to Duntryleague time and time a gain. 

Orange is approximately 260 kms west of Sydney along the Mitchell Highway in the Central Western Tablelands.A township of 40,000 inhabitants, Orange is a major rural centre whose key industries are agriculture, mining,education and health services. 

Orange was the birthplace of poet Banjo Patterson. 

The Orange Golf Course is known as Duntryleague so named by James Dalton. Dalton was born in 1834.Because of the potato famine in the late 1840’s Dalton and his father went to NSW where James junior set up a store in the town of Orange.In 1861 dalton now joined by his brother Thomas set up a flour mill and their business flourished to become the largest wholesale distributor west of the Blue Mountains. 

In 1876 James built Duntryleague, a mansion on magnificent grounds for a cost of 50000 pounds.. It was named after his birthplace and means ‘The Fort of the Three Pillar Stones.’The Dalton’s built stores in lower Fort Street in Sydney and warehouses in Millers Point.The Dalton’s were one of the colony’s richest families. In 1869 Thomas Dalton was Mayor of Orange. 

Today the grandeur of the Dalton heritage is still visible in the Duntryleague Guesthouse which is open to all visitors to the district. The accommodation is very comfortable and the rooms speak of a time long ago.Attached to the guesthouse at the back is the Duntryleague Golf Clubhouse.Whether you are a golfer or not a visit to Orange is not complete without a visit to and perhaps a stay at this grand mansion  so steeped in history. 

Oh, and the course - well I defy anyone to tell me it is a breeze. Tee up a drive a ball then come back to and tell just how much you enjoyed Duntryleague golf and guesthouse.

Patrick 'Tenpin' Bollen