Whitehaven Beach: The Great Star of Afri...Australia


Rarely are the senses stirred quite as mine on that day. A fusion of incredible colour and sound. The mind overloading as it registers a pleasurable assault, a kaleidoscope of staggering chroma. I felt neurons leaping into action, synapse defusing electrical impulses that fire in a torrent of brilliance not experienced since childhood.

I'm talking about my arrival at Whitehaven Beach. Winner of CNN eco-beach of the year and a regular chart topper in the 10 best beaches lists the world over. In the multi-jewelled crown that is Queensland's Whitsunday Islands, Whitehaven is the Cullinan. Pristine seems a worn adjective in describing the majesty of the sands on this beach. This toe-tickling silica is said to be so pure that NASA has used it's sands to make the finest telescope lenses.

Set on the largest of the Whitsunday Islands, Whitehaven Beach is an experience that will etch itself into being one of your lifelong treasured memories. It was for me a feeling beyond that amazing sense that one experiences when turning the corner by boat in the entrance to the Tobago Cays in the West Indies for the first time. It is glorious, and fires the senses in a way that few other destinations on the planet can.

Having assimilated and adapted to this new environment, expunged the soul with breaths of the ocean air, I headed North to Hill Inlet. This fabulous tidal cove provides an array of pulchritudinous colours. Take the bush track uphill for 15 minutes and get the opportunity to take edifying photographs that will amaze family back home.

According to geologists, the sand is not local, the rocks being too impure to have created this 98% quartz sand. Their view is that the sand has been brought from further south by a longshore drift system, impurities expunged in the sands journey North. Some say the sand here is so pure you can exfoliate your skin with it!

I can only hope that you enjoy the sensory delight that is a visit to Whitehaven Beach as much as I did.