Summer Sailing Season Opens Across Australia

  • Posted by Patrick Bollen
  • September 17, 2011 11:08 PM AEST

It is early spring in the land down under and with the Rugby World Cup all set out in bootlaces most everyone who has a love of sport will be thinking of days on the pitch or in the stand, of lying on the beach or catching a wave or of weekends on the water skiing, wake boarding, lounging on the aft deck or mixing it on the start line and racing the course under sail and spinnaker. 

Sail boat racing or cruising is as much a part of the Aussie summer sports program as cricket or surfing. 

From Port Douglas to Port Lincoln, Darwin to the D’Entrecastreau, from Hobart to Hamilton Island and from Barrenjoey to Bunbury - men and women, guys and girls of all ages will make a beeline to hundreds of venues each weekend to participate in the greatest sport of all. Well certainly in my eyes, the sport of sailing (or maybe that should be yacht racing) be it in a skiff, a dinghy, a daysailer or an ocean racer - the science, the art, the competition and the skills are pretty much the same. 

Across this big brown land Australians everywhere  have a love affair with the water. Why wouldn’t they after all they live on and in the biggest island in the world. 

Boating is a national pastime. Be it a tinnie or speed boat, a cruiser or million dollar luxury powerboat, a glamorous sailing yacht or ocean racer or a ferry or passenger ship Aussies love a day on the water,  

And so from now until early autumn each Saturday across the country hundreds of sailing and yacht clubs will be inundated with people who just want to go sailing. 

Last weekend the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, the Sandringham Yacht Club  in Victoria, the Royal Perth Yacht Club and Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron in Brisbane along with many more throughout the land launched their summer series. 

So you want to go sailing but are unsure of just how to get onboard. 

It’s simple really. Just ask a friend who might be a sailor, visit any club and ask around particularly on a Wednesday or Saturday and introduce yourself. 

If you can’t sail and want to learn, don’t be daunted. Go online a search ‘Sailing Schools’ and get a lesson. It not expensive – you will learn and you will have fun. 

For starters try the Pacific Sailing School in Rushcutters Bay. Mention you found it on AusX. Go on, get off your backside and have a go. You’ll love it. Get your bum wet.

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  • Julian Bradder
    Julian Bradder Great article Patrick. That sailing is such a big participant sport in Australia is wonderful and that the nation shares and sees the sport in the same way as Cricket and surfing. Here in the UK, sadly it is all too often seen as a sport of an 'elite' set...  more
    September 18, 2011
  • Nick Tucker
    Nick Tucker

    looks much nicer than sailing in a duvet across the Bristol Channel. It looks like sailing is far mor accesible in Oz than the UK - and for everybody rather than the lucky few. 

    September 18, 2011
  • Evangeline Richards
    Evangeline Richards

    will be sure to mention AusX - whats the th elevel of discount I can expect?Smile

    September 18, 2011