Sydney Kids Eateries: Pancakes on the Rocks

  • Posted by Julian Bradder
  • September 15, 2011 10:34 PM AEST

Are you in Sydney? Do you need to treat the kids to something that they love to eat? Pancakes on the Rocks could well be the perfect treat for the little ones. The menu also ensures that Mum and Dad don't leave hungry either.


Pancakes on the Rocks gives diners a choice of food - it doesn't have to be Pancake. Kids can choose from Crazy Potato Pancakes, Mad Hatters Cheeseburger (in case your kids really don't like pancakes), the savoury Pancake Power and the delciously sweet Caterpillar and Alice in Wonderland pancakes.


Adults have pork, steak and fish choices from the grill, a selection of salads and a range of pancakes that will get the adult pancake lover salivating. Devil's delight at $13.95 filled with strawberries, cream, chocolate, ice cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce may be a favourite for many.


This isn't high end dining but the kids will love it. Prices are decent, and the locations at Wharfs Bay, Northmead, Darling Harbour, CampbellTown and North Strathfield will mean that you are never to far away. If you go to Pancakes on the Rocks in Strathfield, you will also get the opportunity to take the kids bowling. A real treat!