Another Sporting Hero

  • Posted by Peter Richards
  • July 28, 2011 10:20 PM AEST
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Just when you think you have got them under control the spectre of the all conquering Aussie sportsman raises its head.  After minor blips on the radar such as the English (and Welsh) cricket team coming over and handing out a few lessons or even the Samoan Rugby team doing a fair impression of a 15 man human steam roller – Australian sports teams and competitors seem to have an unerring ability to bounce back and carry all before them. If that is not bad enough news for the competition  - rumor has it that the Thorpedo is making a return for the 2012 Olympics and the Aussie Cycling team has cracked the code that gave the UK team dominance in Beijing.  To cap it all we now have an Aussie winning the Tour de France. Mon Dieu - as any cheese eating surrender monkey (sic) knows the French have a divine right to take the spoils, well if not French then certainly European.

In all seriousness you just have to stand back and salute the achievement of Cadel Evans becoming the first Australian to win the Tour de France. He captured the top prize at this year’s Tour de France, making the 34-year-old cyclist the first Australian to capture the events first place trophy after crossing the line at the Champs-Elysee during the ceremonial final stage, largely because he had all but secured his win during the Grenoble time trials the day before.  If that is not daunting enough for the opposition he now says that he would love to ride for Australia at the London Olympics, but only if the course is tough enough!  The 34-year-old Evans fulfilled his lifelong quest by securing the Tour de France title on Sunday in a victory celebrated as one of Australia’s finest sporting achievements. Already a three-time Olympian, Evans would be a major draw at London 2012 if he makes the team. The Olympic road events come just days after Evans is set to complete his Tour de France title defense, but he said that would not be a problem.


1 comment