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New Years Eve : the view from Mosman

  • Posted by Peter Richards
  • July 15, 2011 3:01 AM AEST
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I have had Hogmany on the walls of Edinburgh Castle, New Years Eve in Baha California and once on the banks of London's River Thames witnessed the River of Fire - the damp squib that was supposed to usher in the new millenium. However I ever never been to anything like NYE from a balcony in Mosman Bay. 

We arrived as first timers to Sydney at lunchtime on 31st December 2010 hotfoot from the tidy beauty of the Hunter Valley's vineyards. The balcony that was to be our vantage point for the next 12 hours was well stocked with cold drinks and BBQ ammo and the weather was a tropical 29 as the sun started to give way to to night time. Our host had thought of everything and the only trips were to the fridge and to the smallest room as we settled down to the spectacular. You could hear the buzz of the crowds exitement from many miles away as it started move toward show time.

Now unlike us thoughtless Northern Hemispherers the Aussies had thought of the rug rats and the kids fireworks display went off a few hours befor the big one. From our view point we could see just about everything and as we settled into another case of the Hunter Valley's bounty the annointed hour came around.

And boy what a display - three seperate firework extravaganzas coordinated to perfection went off bang on midnight. It seemed to gone on for ever and such was our postion I did not even have to strain my neck. It would be worth the multi million dollar price tag just to get a small apartment in Mosman next year - because thats where I want to be !

This has to be the eighth wonder of the world - make sure that you make it at least once in your lifetime

1 comment