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Become a TripTide Blogger

  • Posted by Rebecca Winter
  • April 2, 2014 12:21 AM AEDT
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Do you love to blog about your knowledge as a local in Australia? Or have you been travelling to Australia and would like to share your amazing experiences with other members of the community? Blogging in our community is a great way to get your enthusiasm for Australia heard and to help others by sharing information you’ve gained.

How do I get started?

-Sign up to TripTide complete your profile information with a photo and a little bit about you.

-Navigate to Social in the top menu and then blogs click write a blog.
-Add photos to the main body of the text to make it more eye catching and interesting for other members of the community. Also adding a main photo and a heading is great because it grabs people’s attention and lets them understand what the blog will be about.
-Include hash-tags in the box provided with key words that you’ve used, for example if you have spoken about beaches in Melbourne then you would hash-tag #Melbourne and #beach.
-When you have completed that you will be asked to tick the appropriate boxes which your blog fits into, for example adventure, tour, wildlife, Queensland etc.

What is the difference betweeen blogs and articles?

- Are you wondering what the difference is between blogs and articles? Well articles are factual, informative and generally cover broader topics such as travel information, finding work abroad, visas, relocating, money, health, travel documents etc.
-Whereas blogs are more of your personal thoughts about Australia, for example an experience you encountered when on your travels.  
-If you wish to contribute an article topic please send submissions to [email protected]

Examples of blogs and presentation

If you are looking for inspiration then check out some of our featured blogs which show a variety of different ways you can present your blog. However feel free to try something different and be creative!

Tamborine Mountain, Gold Coast Hinterland

Picture this: Australia’s beaches

48 hours in Brisbane

Wilson’s Promontory National Park

A journey of an ‘explorer’ - Aus, The Great Ocean Road

How will blogging in the community benefit me?

-You can share your passion for travel and Australia with others
-Can gain travel knowledge from other members of the community
-You can ask others what they think of your blog which can help you improve.
-Blogging in the community can help you build up a portfolio of your work.
-Finally it is a great way to express your enthusiasm and knowledge of Australia and for others to see your work!




Words by Rebecca Winter 


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