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Keep your cool with these top 7 summer activities

  • Posted by Rebecca Winter
  • January 14, 2014 10:25 PM AEDT

As the temperatures are decreasing significantly in many regions of the world as the winter season is underway, it is definitely safe to say that the Australians are lapping up the summer’s sun! With temperatures rising you want some activities which are sure to cool you down with a splash. So pack your swimming gear, sun tan lotion and shades and prepare to read the top 7 activities that will keep your cool.


  1. Are the kids off school and complaining they want to do something fun?! If so a great activity to include the whole family is to swim with the dolphins in Port Stephens, New South Wales. This is a magical experience that the family will cherish forever. 
  2. Pictures of people snorkelling look amazing, however to experience the marine life in person is something out of the ordinary and an unforgettable experience. You can also Kayak as well as snorkel at Shark Bay  in Western Australia, just don’t let the name scare you off, because actually Shark Bay is a world heritage site that upholds an outstanding natural beauty.
  3. Who’s an adrenaline lover? If that’s you then a great way of cooling down is to hop on a jetski and feel the breeze whip through your hair as your hurtle your way around the ocean.
  4. Or if jet skiing isn’t hair raising enough for you, then head down to the water park recommended by our local expert Casey; ‘Wet and Wild Sydney’ where the flumes are sure to make your stomach drop!
  5. Are you visiting Oz and wanting to get into the vibe of the country and learn how to surf? Or are you a local and wanting your children to learn from a professional? This great ocean road beginner surf tour will be great for getting into the Aussie groove of riding those waves.
  6. Do you prefer to chill out and have relaxing summer days? Then jumping on a boat for a few hours may just be what you need! You can soak up some rays, catch some fish, or you can just take in the beautiful Australian landscapes. For those of you thinking ‘but don’t I need a boat licence?’ the answer to that is no! Added bouns, hurrah!
  7. Finally the stunning scenery of the Whitsundays is sure to get both the locals and the tourists gathering to the beaches on these sweltering summer’s days. A great way to explore the Whitsundays is to go sailing as this is a fantastic opportunity to see some marine life and help sail as well!  So kick back, forget about those worries and enjoy those rays whilst staying cool this summer.