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8 Essentials for planning your trip to Australia

  • Posted by TripTide HQ
  • January 11, 2014 4:05 AM AEDT


1. Get the right visa for your trip
You will need a visa to enter Australia unless you are an Australian or New Zealand citizen. There are different types of visa you can apply for depending on the purpose of your trip, from several types of tourist visas to working holidays and so on. Keep an eye on the expiration date and make sure that you arrive in plenty of time to enjoy the full term of your visa allowance.


2. Budget before you travel
You will need the Australian dollar (AUD$) for your trip. Plan your daily budget before you travel to ensure you have enough money for all the things you want to see and do whilst in Australia. If you are planning a family holiday look out for deals, offers and multi attraction cards that will save a few dollars here and there. $100 a day might be enough for one person with a low budget but more people in your party or wanting to experience a bit of luxury will require a much bigger budget.


3. Plan a realistic route
Australia is enormous, that’s 7 692 024 km2 to be exact. To give you an even better idea you can fit the entire UK into Australia about 31.5 times! For this reason it is important to map out distances of the places you want to see before you arrive. What looks like a ‘hop, skip and a jump’ on the map could end up being a 500 mile journey.

If you plan visiting several states and territories keep in mind that Australia has its own range of time zones, know of these in advance to avoid missing those important transfers and other scheduled activities.


4. Know what to expect for the season you travel
Australia has opposing seasons to the northern hemisphere so if you are flying from the north during the winter months be prepared to meet a potential heat wave during Australia’s mid summer. When it’s hot it’s REALLY hot and you’ll need to keep dehydrated and avoid excessive sun exposure. Wet season could flush out your planned outdoor excursions and activities so consider the possibility of heavy rainfall if you’re travelling during this time.


5. Stay safe
As with travel to any new destination consider your safety and follow official tourism advice from the government. Purchase insurance to cover you for any loss or theft and keep an eye on your valuables.
For solo female travellers Australia is a safe country, use your character judgement with new friends as you would anywhere else.

If you plan on seeing the unique and grand outback of Australia, consult an expert first, make sure you are sufficiently equipped to return from where you are heading and that someone knows of your whereabouts and intended travel dates.


6. Visit friends and relatives
Aussies are a very hospitable bunch and will only be too glad to let you sofa surf on your way through. They’ll gladly show you their humble abode, home town and give a few essential local life tips. Be a thankful guest and stay with the intent to return the favour one day, you’ll most definitely see your host again!


7. Learn a thing or two about the culture
You’ll find Australians to be a very down to earth and chilled out bunch, they appreciate honesty, sincerity and have an obvious distaste for pretentiousness or boastfulness. They like to laugh, have a great sense of humour and don’t take too much to heart when joking around. Everyone will be your “mate” and good intentions create evident positive vibes in social and business circles. Australia is hugely multi-cultured and you can expect to meet locals with ancestors from all over the world.


8. Do and see as much as you can
There is no end to the variety of amazing experiences to be had in Australia, from ancient rainforests to golden beaches, BBQ’s with laid back locals to adrenaline pumping adventures, you will never be bored. Spot the unique wildlife on land and underwater, drive the coast, walk the countryside and surf the world’s best waves! Find out more about amazing experiences to be had in Australia within the TripTide community, ask our friendly members about their local life and visits. Plan, book and go!



Words by Ciara Snook