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Things to do for Halloween in Australia

  • Posted by Ciara Snook
  • October 23, 2013 11:02 PM AEDT

Ideas for an Australian Halloween


Limited dates to explore the dark and mysterious Newport Substation in Melbourne by lamplight. Join as we reveal strange curses, mysterious happenings and restless spirits whose stories have remained untold...until now.



Learn of gamblers, murderers and infamous underworld characters who have all been linked to this historic
Piggery in Footscray, Victoria.



What lies beneath the old bluestone men’s quarters? Find out on an evening ghost tour at Eynesbury Homestead, the historical grand country home of the Staughton family.



Spend an evening doing time at St Helena Prison on Queensland’s most historic island.  Explore the cemetery and hear ghostly tales of imprisoned souls that never managed to leave the island.



Enter the cells of the criminally insane as you explore the J Ward lunatic asylum. Learn about the corrupt
history of murdered inmates buried within the institution grounds.



For the feint hearted - Embark on a daylight historical adventure of St Helena accompanied by a theatrical guide ready to prescribe an authentic dose of culture from aboriginal beginnings to the nineteenth century
prison settlement.


By Ciara Snook