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The British Guide to Australian Shopping

  • Posted by Shaun Millis
  • September 10, 2013 12:13 AM AEST

The British Guide to Australian Shopping

by Shaun Millis


Whether you’re relocating to Australia permanently, making the best of Bondi Beach on a gap year or simply popping down under for a short holiday, there comes a point where every traveller needs to venture off the beach and into a shop. The problem for many British expats and holidaymakers though, is where to actually find the things you need. Without a Tesco or Debenhams in sight, it’s easy to spend hours looking for the equivalent kinds of stores that you’d use back home. But here at TripTide, we’ve saved you the hard work with our British to Australian shopping guide, so you can spend less time in the shopping centre and more time enjoying the outback.



You need: a one stop shop for all your grocery needs that isn’t going to be too pricey
You’d normally use: Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s
Why not try: Coles, Woolworths
Remember…  Australian supermarkets are mainly just for groceries; don’t expect to find electrical and household items like you could in a Tesco Extra.



You need: some beer, wine or spirits to get the party started
You’d normally use: Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s
Why not try: Dan Murphy’s, First Choice, Cellarbrations
Remember… Most Australian supermarkets don’t sell alcohol. If you’re looking for a drink you’re going to have to seek out a bottle shop, or ‘bottle-o’. These can often be adjacent to supermarkets, separate shops or drive-thru stores.


Electrical Goods

You need: a TV to adorn the wall of your new home or a laptop to get you through your gap year
You’d normally use: Currys, Comet, Maplin
Why not try: Good Guys, JB-Hi Fi, Dick Smith, Jaycar Electronics
Remember… Some shops like Dick Smith won’t have white goods like larger electronic stores in the UK. Also, if you need some new gear to capture your experiences down under, try a camera specialist like Ted’s Cameras.


Department Stores

You need: a variety of new threads with some brand names labels
You’d normally use: John Lewis, Debenhams, BHS, TK-Maxx
Why not try: Myer, David Jones, K-Mart, Target, Big W
Remember… As with British department stores, Australian ones greatly vary in price. If you’re after some high quality designer clothing, Myer or David Jones is your best bet, but if you’re after a cheap and cheerful alternative, check out K-Mart, Target or Big W.


Online Shopping

You need: to buy a variety and preferably only want to have to go to one site to do it
You’d normally use: Amazon
Why not try: Deals Direct, Harvey Norman, dStore
Remember: Unfortunately, there isn’t a direct Australian equivalent of Amazon. However there are a few online retailers out there that will give you the same sorts of products for the same kinds of prices.


Discount Household Items

You need: little bits and bobs for the home with a low price tag
You’d normally use: Poundland, Poundstretcher, 99p Store
Why not try: Reject Shop, Dimmeys, Crazy Clark's
Remember… Australia doesn’t particularly have the craze of price led shops you’d find in most high streets in the UK, however instead of 99p stores there are still a range of variety shops that sell discount household goods.


Hardware Stores

You need: to start on the DIY to make the most of your new place down under
You’d normally use:  B&Q, Wickes, Homebase
Why not try: Bunnings Warehouse, Masters
Remember… Although Australia may not have the same stores as the UK, you’ll probably find it easy to find what you’re looking for in Bunnings, which is by far the largest Australian hardware chain.


And now you have all the info you need to find the equivalent Australian shops, you can spend more time checking out what tours and sights the local area has to offer!


Add your own Aussie/ UK equivalents in the comments below...