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Getting Around Australia on a Budget

  • Posted by Gianni Malpensa
  • August 29, 2013 7:38 PM AEST

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 Getting a second hand car is often the cheapest option to travel around Australia, it may sound costly but for people who want to spend several months travelling around the country buying a car and selling it before they leave, it’ s the best option.

Buying a car is a solution that is widely used for cheap travel in Australia, mostly by backpackers and travellers on working visas. However it is worth pointing out that every state in Australia has different rules when it comes to registration and licensing.

For that reason it is easier to renew the registration, and also to sell a vehicle in the state you bought it in. But it is not essential. Just allow a bit more time if you plan to do it in a different state, and find out early on about the requirements. 

The cars usually bought and sold that way are station wagons, small buses or campers. That means you can save also on accommodation as soon as you leave the cities behind.


Australia's Coral Coast


If you are travelling solo or don’t have the means to buy a car or van, search hostel noticeboards and websites like TripTide for driving companions. Drivers are often looking for groups to travel with that can contribute to fuel costs and share the driving. Plus you’re likely to make new friends and find out about new places to discover!

Alternatively, put up your own notice, saying where you want to go, and when you'd like to leave. It helps to be flexible.

Van tours and car sharing are great ways to travel cheap around Australia and make new friends.