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5 top beaches in Australia:

  • Posted by Gianni Malpensa
  • August 13, 2013 11:13 PM AEST
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It's very difficult to list the top 5 beaches in Australia, probably even 500 wouldn't be enough. Here are just a few from my own experience..

5 top beaches in Australia:Bells Beach

If you are one of those with a soft spot for surfing, your Oz experience would be incomplete without a stop at Bell’s Beach, sitting on the coast of Victoria. Be fair warned, however, that this tide is not suited for boogie board toting travelers, but rather the best and the bravest in the international surfing scene. Home to the world’s longest running surfing competition— the Rip Curl Pro Surf & Music Festival—these waves are fit for pros.

5 top beaches in Australia:Byron Bay
Amongst Australia’s most famous seaside destinations, Byron Bay promises its visitors the ultimate beach bum experience. Since the 60s, this sandy retreat has attracted a thoroughly alternative crowd looking to partake in fun-filled activities ranging from deep sea diving to kayaking with dolphins. Boasting pristine sand beaches lined with lush hinterland bathed in cool coastal winds, Byron Bay’s unbeatable beauty is reason enough to visit.

Bondi Beach
Serving as a weekend refuge for Australia’s more cosmopolitan contingent, Bondi Beach sits a mere 7 km east of Sydney’s central business district. After traversing the busy streets of this famed municipal, take the time to recline and bronze yourself on Bondi’s sandy stretch packed with those eager to escape the urban sprawl. In addition to the many eateries and cafes along the shorefront, there is also the Bondi Pavilion within walking distance, which is a cultural enclave packed with seaside attractions including a theatre, art workshop, gallery and more.

5 top beaches in Australia:Hyams Beach
If Hyams Beach can be described as anything, it’s easy on the eyes. World renowned for its brilliantly white sand and crystal clear waters, Hyams is one of the country’s natural wonders worthy of writing home about. If the novelty of relaxing on the coastal waters wears off, than use your time to explore the abundant nature that lies within Jervis Bay National Park to the north and Booderee National Park and Botanic Gardens to the south. Teeming with more fauna, flora and natural landscape than can conceivably be seen during your stay, Hyams is sure to keep the whole family occupied.

Cable Beach
A visit to Cable Beach, sitting squarely on the Indian Ocean, is sure to win over even the most die-hard of beach bums. Stretching twenty-two kilometers in length, the beach’s sun kissed shoreline is comprised of the purest, pearly white sand and clearest of waters that offer the perfect summertime refuge. Despite its popularity, its still possible to find a secluded spot, away form the crowds. For those looking for a truly unique seaside actively, take a camel ride along the beach during sunset.

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