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Mobile Phones in Australia part 3

  • Posted by Gianni Malpensa
  • June 25, 2013 9:37 PM AEST

After Mobile Phones in Australia part 1 and part 2, this article aims to show, besides mobile phones, other convenient ways for people to communicate in Australia. 

Calling cards

Despite the popularity of mobile phones, calling cards are still the cheapest way to call home. Virtually every service station, newsagent and corner store sell a huge range of calling cards. Rates are generally cheapest if you call a local access number rather than the toll-free number on the back of the card but this means that you may have to pay for a local call on a payphone in addition to the calling card rate.

A typical example of a calling card you can find in Australia

Skype & other VoIP services

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is one of the cheapest ways to make a phone call but the quality isn't so great if you have a bad internet connection. Generally VoIP lets you call other customers of the same VoIP service for free, which gives the biggest VoIP services the advantage of more people you can talk to for nothing.

Internet Cafe Sign

Skype is the biggest of the internet-based phone services and Skype software (and webcams for video calling) is installed in most internet cafes and in many hostels, which makes choosing Skype a no-brainer even though many of Skype's competitors are cheaper. 
Although many travellers just sign up for the free Skype account so they can talk to other Skype users for free, it is worth the money to go for a fully-fledged account with a SkypeIn number (a proper number that anyone with a phone can call) and even opt for the $3 a month Skype Pro that gives you free calls to Australian landlines. 

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