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Mobile Phones in Australia part. 1

  • Posted by Gianni Malpensa
  • June 7, 2013 12:04 AM AEST

Mobile Phones in Australia. This article gives suggestions on the best way to use your mobile phone in Australia. From the main mobile networks to the danger of roaming and much more.

Mobile phones

If your mobile phone is unlocked and works with the GSM system then you can simply buy an Australian SIM card and stick in your phone. If you don't, you can get a phone and SIM together for around 90$. Unfortunately many Australian mobile phone companies charge a connection fee of 20-30c on each call and their charges are usually applied per 30 seconds (not per minute as you would imagine).

Australian mobile phone companies can charge a connection fee of 20-30c on each call for 30 secs.

Which network

The main networks are Optus, Telstra, Three and Vodafone. With the exception of Virgin Mobile, most of the virtual network operators are small little-known companies, but usually cheaper.Smaller companies usually provide some convenient prepaid deals. Prices and mobile phone deals change often so it’s difficult to have detailed updated information but you can get a good idea of the strengths and weaknesses of each network and then check their websites to see which one suits you.


Buying a SIM card before you travel

There are several companies that sell SIM cards on the internet. They usually charge $50 for a SIM card but you can buy a SIM for around $5 in Australia. Buying an Australian SIM card over the internet from most companies in the US or the UK is a waste of money! The exception is SIM Card Guru, which charges $8, for the same Just Prepaid Mobile SIM card that Telestial sells for $50.


Roaming (leaving your home SIM card in your phone when you travel abroad) is the most expensive way to make calls. Not only are you charged astronomical rates for your calls (what happened to Peter is clearly an example) but you are also charged for an international call every time you answer the phone. Generally roaming is something you use in isolated cases, such as a one-day stopover when it doesn't make sense to buy a local SIM card.


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  • TripTide HQ
    TripTide HQ Really useful information Gianni! Thanks for sharing with us
    June 7, 2013
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    Peter Richards yes - I really should have done this myself - I have just got my phone bill from three weeks in Oz - ouch !
    June 7, 2013