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10 tips on how to get a job in Australia

  • Posted by Gianni Malpensa
  • May 29, 2013 8:03 PM AEST

Do you ever dream of working overseas, but think it would be impossible to find a job in Australia? Well, you are mistaken! It’s not exactly simple to find work abroad, but there is a wealth of information on the Internet to help you in your search. All you need is thorough research, dedication and determination, and you can land your dream job in Australia.

Choose the location

Decide on the city in which you wish to live and work, before you make any decision about moving to Australia you should look at your reasons, as to why you want to move to the other side of the world, really do some searching and find out the visa for which you are going to apply. Develop a budget for relocation and a schedule for your move to Australia.

Great Ocean Road VIC

Research the Australian immigration requirements

Log onto the Australian Department of Immigration website to find out the immigration department requirements.


Review your CV

Put in a lot of effort when it comes to preparing your CV, this is your introduction, you need to get people to notice you for the right reasons. Remember that you are applying for the same positions as others from all over the world. Write a short letter of introduction stating who you are, what you are looking for and tell what you have to offer.

Secure a job in advance

Try to secure a job before you move to Australia via Australian branches of UK companies, or getting a transfer from the UK through an Australian company.

What are your strenghts?

Register with employment agencies

Register with employment agencies before you leave and make sure you speak to an agent on the phone. They will be your link to the company and it is important you have a good rapport with them from the start.


Find a good employment agency!


Get an Australian Tax File Number

Before working in Australia, you need to obtain an Australian Tax File Number. Go to the Australian Taxation Office website and apply online.


Join other groups

Networking is big in Australia. Find UK expats groups that can help you find a job in Australia on Facebook, LinkedIn or in our community on TripTide; ask questions and send your resume around. You could also find Australian groups related to your specific industry.


A lot of people are in your same shoes. Group up with them!


Be accurate

When applying for jobs in Australia, use the phrases that are used in the advertisement or on the employer’s website.


Don’t spread yourself too thin

Your job skills may be useful in other industries which you never had thought of. Use the job search function on internet sites cleverly. Newspapers also carry job advertisements.


Be patient

Finding the right job and relocating across the world takes time, when you are successful and have an employer who is willing to sponsor you, the process has just begun, you now have to go through the visa process, sort things out at home, tell everyone you are leaving, sell or rent your house, plan your travel to Australia and the relocation of you possessions.


Finding a job could take time. Just be aware of this and don't panic!