Adventurous fun on Western Australia's Turquoise Coast

  • Posted by Jennifer Morton
  • May 29, 2013 3:27 PM AEST
New ideas for an adventurous stay in WA!

When you think of Western Australia, what springs to mind? Perth, red dirt, kangaroos, barren land, mining and hot, dry summers perhaps? Sure, there's all that but there's so much more.


Think clear blue skies, lucid turquoise seas, white sand beaches, safe swimming, wind rippled dunes, amazing crimson sunsets, and fierce sea-breezes; a different kettle of fish to the popular outback notion many travellers hold for Western Australia. And all within reach of Perth.


Within 125km of the capital city lies the start of the Turquoise Coast, an area consisting of a perfect mix of adventurous waters, clear skies, pristine beaches and inland wonders. Whether you're a landlubber, old salt or sky junkie there is something here for everyone.




Touted as Australia's most beautiful skydive, a jump over the azure waters of Jurien Bay will not only give you an adrenaline rush but also the best views of the area. On the flight to altitude, take in the amazing sights of the coastline and unique WA landscapes before you and your tandem master plummet towards the beach at 200kmph. Whether it's your first time or you are a licensed skydiver, you will not want to pass up this opportunity. All tandem jumps land on the sandy shores of the bay.




With stunning coastline comes stunning seas and the Indian Ocean is a fantastical playground for water-babies and marine life alike. From June to December, the humpback whales are on their annual migration and tours can be taken from Jurien Bay and Cervantes. If you'd like a more interactive animal adventure, have a swim with an Aussie sea lion. These playful puppy-like creatures love interactions and will often copy your best aqua moves. Tours are available from Jurien Bay and Greenhead. If you're up for some heart-pumping water sports, head to Lancelin or Ledge Point during the summer months where the seabreeze kicks in to make conditions perfect for wind and surf sports such as kitesurfing and windsurfing. Ledge Point is home to the annual Windsurfing Classic each January and Lancelin has been called the unofficial extreme sports capital of Western Australia. What better place to hone your board skills?





Want to try some board tricks on land? Another natural feature of the Turquoise Coast is the many sand dunes that dot the coastline. Lancelin is an obvious choice with a 2km long sandy playground that displays 45 degree angles for massive rides on a sand-board or dirt bike. Located directly inland from the townsite, this land adventure is sure to please a wide range of ages. For amazing visuals, be there at dawn or dusk. If you're further north, try Sandy Cape Recreation Park just 13km north of Jurien Bay. Here, you can camp up for the night (for a fee) and have a good beginner-sized dune just steps away. After you've had your fill of sand riding, head to Nambung National Park near Cervantes. It is here where you will find the majestic Pinnacles desert where hundreds of weird formations made of sand and limestone stick out of the ground. These pillar-like structures will have you thinking that you have travelled to another planet. The Pinnacles are accessible by car or private tour and a fee is payable at the gate. Be sure to stop in at the Discovery Centre to learn all about these weird and wild structures that date back thousands of years.


Now when you think of Western Australia, what springs to mind? I hope I have given you some new, colourful travel ideas!