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Speed, agility and championship winning ability - Australia's top netbal team, the Diamonds, and where they are playing this year. Plus more on other teams and what to look out for!

To continue on the sporting theme of recent weeks, I thought I'd look at netball this week, a sport that in Australia is the most popular team-sport for women. Australia's women's national netball team, known as the Diamonds (in keeping with other national titles, such as the Opals for the women's basketball team), is considered to be one of the finest in the world, as proven by their remarkable record of trophies and titles - they have won 10 World Championships and are holders of the current title.


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The Diamonds are due to be playing a variety matches this year, with September 15th marking the start of the Constellation Cup series against the New Zealand Silver Ferns (although the first two tests are hosted by New Zealand). The 2013 Constellation Cup series will be the 75th - in other words a Diamond Jubilee - for the series, and will mark the anniversary of the first time in August 1938 when Australia and New Zealand played each other in test netball. Fingers crossed, and you can bet the Diamonds will be wanting to win the series, not just because of good sport, but because it would be nice for the 'Diamonds' to win on the 'Diamond' jubilee!


The final three tests will take place on the following in Australia, and may well be worth a watch!:


October 4th: Adelaide Entertainment Centre

October 7th: Melbourne: Rod Laver Arena

October 13th: Canberra, AIS Arena


The Diamonds will also be playing the Malawi Queens on home soil, which will be a first. Those matches will be:


October 16th: TBC

October 19th: Gold Coast Entertainment Centre


Aside from the Diamonds however, there are plenty of amateur, school level and semi-professional teams all around Australia, and it is a sport that provides a strong level of support for young girls encouraging them and training them up for professional netball lives, eventually undertaking matches such as the National Championships available to teams as young as Under 17s. Australia's young netballers will be a particular focus for the country this year as they travel to Glasgow, Scotland for the World Youth Netball Championships.


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Sadly, we've missed it, but end of March and early April also saw the Australian Men's and Mixed Netball Championships, showing that it isn't just a female sport! Like the opportunities presented for the women, this Championship was open to teams of a variety of ages, encouraging children to take up the sport too.  


Regardless of where in the world their teams are playing this year, it is almost certain that Australia will be eagerly following the progress of their teams, and encouraging the Diamonds in particular onto success with all their matches, since in 2015 Sydney will be hosting the World Netball Championships, an event at which I'm sure the Diamonds will want to excel at and retain their title as World Champions. But for now, if they're playing (or even just training!) near where you are or where you're planning on visiting for holiday, take some time out to go and watch them - it will make for brilliant viewing and crowd participation, that's for sure!


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    Peter Richards I hadn't realised how big Aussie netball was until I was there. It's absolutely massive . For example with a lot of the new build housing in Victoria comes several floodlit courts as a standard feature. Its no wonder Aussie netball is so strong!
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