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Isles of Australia

  • Posted by Ciara Snook
  • February 15, 2013 10:03 PM AEDT

Myself and the TTHQ team are big fans of island life. The sense of escapism, exploration and community spirit all add to the customary jaw dropping views that make for a lasting impression.
So researching and swooning over Australia's many neigbouring islands was nothing but a joy! Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below...


Isles of Australia


As the world’s largest island, mainland Australia is an enchanting destination packed full of attractive experiences and bordered by some of the world’s best beaches.  The island itself is so big that you can experience extreme differences in weather from one coast to the next and also travel through time as you adjust to different time zones within one country.

If you are undecided about whether to take a trip to the mountains, beach, rainforest or desert during your annual holiday, you can easily combine these activities by exploring Australia’s diverse and unique landscapes.


The magic of Australia doesn’t stop there, as more than 8,000 intriguing islands hover nearby offering up a world of opportunities for day trips, island hopping, adventure activities, culture tours and breath taking views you won’t find anywhere else.  Here’s just a few to get you started…


From Queensland

A trip to Queensland will give you an endless selection of spots to choose from for your island hopping adventures. Dive off the coasts and sail past the hundreds of magical islands that make up the world heritage listed Great Barrier Reef. Amble freely across Fraser Island with friends in a rented 4WD for the weekend, or relax and admire the view in one of the 74 stunning Whitsundays islands.

Head further afield and find yourself in fantastic Fiji for a taste of Australia’s neighbouring culture.


Queensland Islands Tourism Australia copyright


Near South Australia

Famous for its wildlife, mysterious underground caves, peaceful beaches and rocky patches, Kangaroo Island is a destination must for anyone visiting South Australia.  A short trip by plane or ferry will transport you to a haven full of Australia’s best loved flora and fauna along with historical landmarks, great legends and a whole host of island adventures.


Kangaroo Island, South Australia SATC Photographer


Towards Tasmania

To experience the true meaning of life down under, take a trip from Tasmania to one of over 300 inviting neighbouring islands.  Head off the east coast of Tasmania for a day trip to Maria Island, a well-known national park and marine reserve.
Get to know the small community on Bruny Island not far from Hobart, with a population of just 600 people you will get a real sense of community spirit as the inviting locals show you true island living.


Maria Island, Tasmania. Great Walks of Australia - The Maria Island Walk. Tourism Australia Copyright


Western Australia

Ask anyone in Perth for the closest island getaway and they will no doubt direct you to the popular Rottnest Island just 19KM from the coast of Freemantle for some picturesque beaches and an attractive chilled out atmosphere.

Go for the beaches, history and unique flora and fauna.  Spot the Quokkas (appearing like pint sized Kangaroos), swim amongst the vast species of tropical fish and travel by train to Oliver Hill for a guided tour of the intricate military tunnel system.


Rottnest Island, Western Australia. Tourism Australia copyright